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Unlocking home-ownership, for all.

Owning your own home is one of the most emotive and life-affirming experiences. There are 4.5 million households in private rental in the UK; 3.5 million of them want to own their own home but can’t.

Everyone should have the chance of owning their own home.

“Owning your first home has gone from hard to almost impossible. We’re here to level the playing field, and get equity back to those that need it most.”
Chris Cater
CEO & Co-founder

We are on a mission to give 100,000 people the joy of walking through the door of their own home.

We’re just starting out, but we’re passionate about fixing a problem that is now affecting an entire generation. There are 3.5 million renters in the UK who want to own their own home, but can’t. Together we can solve this.
Fable team
Chris Cater
Stephen Mistretta
Chris Wood
Philip Pirecki
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